Call for Papers

Covered subjects by MECHANICA CONFAB research papers

Subject Areas
MECHANICA CONFAB is targeted to a broad community interested in different aspects of Materials and Mechanical Engineering.
Along with the regular papers, MECHANICA CONFAB also accept letters, short papers and news letters also. Since MECHANICA CONFAB is an online journal is to speed up the editorial procedure and publish papers within 01 month from the time of submission.
The topics of the journal cover any branch of theoretical, numerical and experimental Materials and Mechanical Engineering, including the following fields.
Biomaterials Materials and Design Engineering
Characterization & Evaluation of Materials Production Engineering
Mechanics Mechanisms and Robotics
Microscopy Dynamics
Nanotechnology Vibration and Control
Optical & Electronic Materials Thermal Engineering
Polymer Science Fluids Engineering
Special types of Materials Automobile Engineering
Structural Materials CAD/CAM
Surfaces Biomechanics
Interfaces Machining and Manufacturing Processes
Thin Films Mechatronics
The journals topics are not to be considered rigid and the online medium will allow the Journal to evolve and adapt in time.