About Us

Aims & Scope

EDUCATIONIA CONFAB is an international journal aimed to provide an invaluable forum for teachers, researchers, academicians and policy makers for dissemination of innovations, practices and empirical research in disciplines of Social Sciences, Education & Humanities. The journal publishes manuscripts related with contemporary issues and trends at national and international level, so as to advance the knowledge base of educational theory and practice.

EDUCATIONIA CONFAB is a scholarly, open access, blind peer reviewed and referred journal. The journal is published online on monthly basis. Manuscripts for publication in EDUCATIONIA CONFAB are selected through rigorous peer review to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance and readability.

The journal publishes research papers, articles and book reviews in the fields of education such as Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education, Teacher Education, Educational Evaluation, Educational Management and Planning, Guidance and Counseling, Educational Psychology, Inclusive Education and so on.

EDUCATIONIA CONFAB also publishes special issues on regular basis encompassing qualitative and quantitative research in all areas of education.